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Purple Glow

Medical Intuitive &
Remote Viewer?


Since Angel was 8 years old, she would often go deep within during quiet times alone. She discovered that during this different state of awareness, she would intuitively play with the energies between her hands. As she got older, she knew that pursuing this kind of work with the use of her hands upon others would be part of her service unto the planet. She later became certified with Reconnective Healing® after synchronous events that led her to Dr. Eric Pearl. She studied under internationally known healer, author and spiritual teacher Alex J Hermosillo with Mastery of Energy Healing, becoming certified in his healing method and approach. In 2016, Angel received her Level III Transformational Reiki Mastery Certification. She acknowledges that what she is channeling is universal, accessible by all, and thus does not like to put a label on this healing method.



Angel works with 5th dimensional frequencies, HSP (high sensory perception), clairsentience, and clairvoyance to assist in healing on all levels be it physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She also deeply enjoys working with the elderly, children, animals, and nature.  She has learned to sensitize her hands and expand on her inner perceptions to examine the energy field in detail to sense areas of imbalance within another, even when miles or countries apart. Some would call her a medical intuitive (although she does not prefer this title), at times sensing and confirming areas within the body that are ill effected or out of alignment, without her having any prior knowledge.



The process involves using her hands to focus a flow of high-level energy into the auric field of the client or animal. She assists in balancing the flow of energetic frequency through the body (etheric body attunement) - establishing alignment between the physical body, mind, and emotions and therefore harmonizing these elements. It does not involve any physical touching or manipulation, although during her in person sessions, she will often include some gentle touching with the client's permission.


Working with this energy healing reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. In other words it allows us to reconnect to the universe and to our very Essence through a new set of healing frequencies now available on the earth. Every health challenge is therefore seen as being directly related to the wellness of the physical, mental, spiritual, and/or emotional state of the person in need of healing. Intuitive Energetic Healing creates the opportunity for you to allow yourself to return into a balance of these components. This life-giving process is the doorway through which an individual may enhance or recover health of the body, mind and spirit.



Angel recommends three sessions of 30 minutes scheduled over a period of time, generally weeks apart - although this is not a rule. These sessions are recommended to be scheduled over a period of time, generally in weeks. Effects are varied, some cases are phenomenal. Many of her clients experience less pain or they feel lighter, happier, rejuvenated and more peaceful. Some clients receive angelic messages from the other side of the veil from Angel. Interestingly, some even experience themselves in the presence of angelic beings or family members who have passed on or lights and colors, to even smelling scents. Twitching of body parts can often occur, as well as "buzzing" or "magnetic" sensations being the most common feelings felt during the session, as well as receiving a deep rejuvenating relaxation. The feeling of weightlessness is often common. There is a shift that occurs within her clients after receiving these sessions, perceivable long after the sessions are done, assisting the individual in healing and overall wellness.

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