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1 Hr Animal Energy Healing Session

An animal past or present. Facilitated in person, or at a distance. Please specify. Will travel.

  • 1 hour
  • Donation Based
  • Virtually or at Client's Place

Service Description

1 hour of connecting with Angel whether virtually, or in person to connect with an animal that you wish, that is either living or has passed on. This reading will include a 30 min healing session for them if your animal is living. Due to limited availability, approving individual requests will be taken and scheduled accordingly with you, as she feels guided and called. "...Angel also worked with my 18 year old Russian Blue Cat, helping to calm her energy and ease her pain. This was of great comfort to me, and Lady Blue, during her final days, hours and moments. I am forever grateful. I will say this was my first foray into this type of therapy and I found it quite helpful. Angel was prompt, professional and very empathic..." See full testimonial: Personal psychic experience from Angel: "Here's one interesting animal story I have to share. There once was a time I was called to come and say "goodbye" to a family dog at the vets. One morning, he was found laying, seemingly in great pain, and not eating nor drinking all of the sudden. His owners took him right away to the vet emergency. They concluded that he was needing to be put down immediately due to serious and sudden complications that were previously unknown to my family, nor me. As sudden and upsetting as this news was, I hung up the phone and was going to rush out my door to see him at the vet, when I decided to "tap in" a little, and try to psychically "see" what I could find. As I went into a quick distance attunement session, I saw that there was "blood in the stomach - bleeding". In my knowing, I knew that his condition was irreversible. I made my way to the vets, and when I arrived to the vet's, I was shocked and surprised to learn more details of why they were putting him down, "So what happened? What did they find?" I hurried and concernedly asked... my family member answers... "They found cancer in his stomach. He is internally bleeding badly and they need to put him down". He soon passed by injection after our quick conversation, in our loving presence. It's interesting to me that some of my most profound psychic "hits" have come through animals. I believe because they are ego-less, and are like open books. They are excellent in being who they are meant to be. They come I believe sometimes as little earthly guardian angels, to guide and teach us. They are great partners to us and to the earth, grounding gaias frequencies."

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me 24 hours prior to service.

Contact Details

+ 8084975005

1801 South Jentilly Lane, Tempe, AZ, USA Suite C16

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