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Cure for Cancer Denied by US Senate in 1946?!

Ever lost someone to cancer, or know someone who has suffered from it? I have personally known many who have directly suffered or died from cancer. This has made me wonder why it has been such a common problem, and allowed me to search into natural methods that work. Here I passionately take the time to share some pertinent information regarding just that. The Gerson Therapy! This therapy is known to not only cure cancer, but also a long list of illnesses/health issues including but is not limited to: diabetes, epilepsy, heart and artery diseases, hepatitis, infertility, lupus, Lyme disease, migraines, obesity, shingles, and tuberculosis to name a few... It makes me upset to know that many deaths caused by cancer could have been prevented, if not treated by this intensive therapy.

I truly believe the way to health is prevention, and as our current understanding of our relation to food, environment and our minds continue to grow and expand, so too will our health be free from disease, illness and other health issues.

If you value your own health, the health of your loved ones, or the health of someone near and dear to you that is suffering from cancer - I highly suggest doing all the research you can on the Gerson Therapy... You wont regret you did.

"During a three-day period, July 1 to 3, 1946, the United States Senate took testimony from nationally known cancer researchers relating to U.S. Senate Bill 1875, also referred to as the Pepper-Neely anticaner proposal. In this bill, Senators Pepper and Neely recommended the appropriation of $100 million from the U.S. government's budget for cancer researchers to find a cure for cancer once and for all.

After his two Washington, D.C. based investigators, a physician and an attorney, reported back to Senator Claude Pepper that Dr. Max Gerson did, indeed, have a successful treatment for cancer for the first time in history, the United States Senate invited a medical doctor to demonstrate his specific therapeutic approach for curing cancer. Accordingly, Dr. Gerson brought five of his cured cancer patients and the records of 5 more for presentation before the Pepper-Neely anticancer subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations of the Seventy-ninth Congress.

The impressive testimony of this anti cancer and his patients caused Senator Pepper to call a press conference for bringing information about the Gerson Therapy before the media. However massive numbers of lobbyists for the immensely wealthy Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association (PMA), the American Medical Association (ACS), and the American Cancer Society (ACS) prevailed on reporters to ignore the Gerson press conference and attend a cocktail party instead where free food would be served and libations would be flowing. The only reporter who preferred to hear the Gerson presentation was American Broadcasting Corporation newscaster Raymond Gram Swing. During World War II. Mr. Swing had been a famous war correspondent on par with Edward R. Murrow. He attended and took copious notes at the Senate press conference for use in his East Coast 6:00 PM ABC network broadcast of Wednesday, July 3, 1946.

After Gram Swing continued with his network radio broadcast and brought in some additional news too. After he ended, the telephone switchboard lit up at the American Broadcasting Corporation in New York City. People called from all over the nation to learn about the Gerson Therapy. But other, darker, more powerful commercial and political forces had been listening as well.

The executive directors of pharmaceutical companies producing cyto-toxic agents for cancer treatment - members of the PMA - threatened to cancel all radio advertising contracts for their drugs sold over the counter, an annual lost in revenue for ABC amounting to tens of millions of dollars. Within two weeks of that fateful radio broadcast which appraised people of a potential cure for cancer, after thirty years at the same job Raymond Gram Swing was fired from his position as a newscaster for the ABC network.

You might also wish to know what happened to the Senate's 277 page Pepper-Neely anticancer bill of 1946 - Document No. 89471. By efforts of the lobbyists working with four senators who were also medical doctors, the bill was defeated. Today, Document No. 89471 is stored in boxes and gathers dust in the archives of the U.S. Government Printing Office."~ Excerpt from The Gerson Therapy, Charlotte Gerson & Morton Walker, D.P.M.

"In spite of advances in chemotherapy and surgery, over 1,800,000 patients in North America, Europe and Japan with disseminated lung, prostate, breast cancer and melanoma die each year." report officials of First Circle Medical, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a main manufacturer of antimalignancy hyperthermia equipment.

? ~ Why didn't the U.S. Senate over half a century ago adopt the anticancer budgetary measure that came before it?

? ~ Wasn't the prevention of or treatment for Americans coming down with cancer vital enough?

? ~ Why weren't aniticancer experts requested to at least test the Gerson Therapy back then when the senators were presented with the opportunity?

"Finally, are you aware of the following additional, significant, estimated statistic? Averaging between numbers of United States residents getting cancer in 1946 and those so victimized till 2001, it's likely that 39,697,000 Americans could have been prevented from contracting the scourge or saved from cancerous deaths. Application of the Gerson Therapy may have accomplished that particular worthy undertaking. It can do it even now."

Something to ponder...

~ "In the United States, advances in medical technology maintain prejudicial leads over any other means of treatment. As a nation we have tended to focus on technology for battling cancer and other health problems. Eating vegetables as recommended by Dr. Gerson employs hardly any technology.

~ The American pharmaceutical industry rules the way medicine is allowed to be practiced not only in this country but also around the world. If a therapeutic substance or method is unpatentable - without profits to be made from a synthesized drug - it's usually ignored or opposed and suppressed. No medically oriented commercial company will be amenable to investing research time and money to approve it.

~ Admitting that there is a strong relationship between what we eat and getting cancer or some other sickness, points a self-directed finger at two groups: (a) the food processors who sell us malnourishing synthetic or otherwise unnatural packaged edibles and (b) ourselves as the source of our own illness. Although we may recognize the truth of such condemnation, it truly is a discomforting mental burden nonetheless.

~ Most medical doctors have had extremely poor education in the nutritional sciences. Those physicians who currently utilize nutrition as treatment are primarily self-educated."

Please look into prevention and treatment of cancer and other health issues by researching into the Gerson Therapy. There is a documentary "The Gerson Miracle" free on if you want to see for your self more about what this therapy is and the thousands of successes brought forth from it. You can also purchase the book: "The Gerson Therapy, The Proven Nutritional Program For Cancer and Other Illnesses". Look also into testimonials.

I couldn't keep this information I've researched away from anyone. Health and wellness is no longer a secret anymore... don't be afraid to share what you learn - you owe it to yourself and to humanity.

Images via amazon and youtube

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