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Magnetic Fields, Therapeutic Touch & Distance Healing's

Humans are like semiconductors, they have magnetic fields that can be controlled to create bio electrical results.

If we can alter our field, we can alter our health. Through Dr. William Tiller, a scientist and author, we learn that around our bodies lies an “auric sheath”. The changes around us and within the earth affect immeasurable biofields, each one being a necessary component for our wellbeing.

One of our most important human magnetic fields is the aura, which is energetically connected to our chakra system. Many healing practices involve altering the magnetic field to create change on an internal level. Most distant healing practices, including prayer, will probably involve manipulation of others’ magnetic fields or auras.

It is known in some cultures that the use of magnets can also provide methods for altering the body’s internal and external fields and affect health. Magnets have also been used in localizing cancer fighting drugs.(1)

Each person needs a good appropriate amount of magnetism. Interestingly, Magnetic-field deficiency syndrome, or MFDS, is a term describing a limited exposure to the earth’s geomagnetic field. Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa and his team of researchers showed that certain types of illnesses among Japanese city dwellers might be caused by the iron and steel girders used in large buildings. Through their findings, they discovered that these structures were preventing the inhabitants from receiving the natural geomagnetic field from the earth, thus causing ill health.(2)

Distant healing or absentee healing is a well understood reality and well known concept among energy healers. There is considerable evidence to show its effectiveness. It can be explained through energetic connectivity that lies in a field or web that connects all of us. It assumes that the presence of fields can generate these connections through what has been called a “non-local reality.”

Studies on therapeutic touch professionals have demonstrated positive results in the relief of pain. Dr. Daniel J. Benor in reviewing sixty-one such studies, states that “distance, even thousands of miles, does not appear to limit the effects of healing.”(3)

The inter-connectivity of energy fields and intention is a combination of quantum physics and subtle energy theory. For centuries, healers have been reporting the existence of interpenetrating, and subtle energy fields around the human body. These fields are hierarchical in organization (and vibration), and affect every aspect of the human being.(4)

Studies show that healing these healing states invoke the subtle biomagnetic fields. There is one study case that employed a magnetometer to quantify biomagnetic fields coming from the hands of meditators and yoga and Qigong practitioners. What they discovered was that these fields were a thousand times stronger the strongest human biomagnetic fields and were at the same range as those being used in the medical research labs for speeding the healing of biological tissue – even wounds that had not healed in forty years.(5)

While these fields do extend far beyond the physical self, quantum physics can now explain how one person’s field can interact with another’s thousands of miles away. All beings are connected in a web of non-local reality. Through intention, our personal fields can interact with someone else’s field and instantly share information. Through the power of intentional healing for oneself or for another, we can invoke healing at a distance as these studies show. The vibrations of our fields are essential to the well-being of our health and the health and well-being of the entire planet. It is through findings like these that it makes one ponder about our own personal vibration, and how it thus is affected AND affects the world in which we live in.

Art by Alex Grey


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