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Coming Through

This is my first official sharing. There has been in the past, previous automatic writing sessions. They have inspired me to continue, as I have, in my life.

"Hello gentle spirit we bid you greetings.

You have traveled far and long to be here in this now moment. You are brave. You have endured much. And so we come to you today in non-linear, to share that you are not alone and indeed connected to the entire cosmos.

You have come from realms of light, you are guardians of the light, and you have a mission to accomplish. That mission is the raising of the vibration of Earths frequencies. The vortices on earth, or center points upon earth, are activating upon the planet at this time. Assisting in raising the vibration to that of more love frequencies. With these transmissions during this time, many upon earth are feeling disease, dis-ease. Clearing and raising to the surface old paradigms and programs no longer deemed necessary to the soul for further advancement. Clear and reset. Clear and reset, this is the theme. The earths energies are amplifying now and will continue to.

Choosing where to direct your energies at this time is vital for maintaining balance, your life-force. Breathe and allow love. Be still and allow love. For this is the creative force energy. The force that binds all things.

Mankind is limited only by his own limitations, if he only but look to Himself, he will discover All within It. Truly it takes the seeker to see this, and you are ready. This is the divine plan. As you have shifted your fate, your previous timelines of destruction. As pioneers of this new world, you bring with you the keys to unlocking the secrets to You, for you are Source, experiencing itself through You. If only you would understand your magnificence, ah but see you are beginning to. Do not doubt your self. There is so much love here for you. Call upon us, call on you. We know you. We know your heart. Trust in what you came here to do. To love, with the purity of heart through your frequencies you emit, every moment, every second. Your very existence is profound. A cause for celebration.

We celebrate you for being. We celebrate you for being stewards of this earth, pioneering for all the entire cosmos to witness. We are in awe. We love you so very much. You exist multidimensionally. There are many layers to you that you are unaware of, but are beginning to become more aware of. Your sensitivities and intuitions are expanding and adjusting to new frequencies. With these new levels of increased awareness, you are being asked to hold the frequencies of love and compassion for your fellow mankind. There will be challenges, but through the force of love anything is possible. Anything is possible. And there is evidence of this now more than ever, yes? Yes... so maintain your love frequencies my dears. You did not want to miss this party, that's why you are here. Remember the many attributes you carry within your Being, your countless soul essences you carry, there is so much wisdom. So much wisdom. You are brave dear soul indeed.

We love you,

your Guardians"

#awakening #channeling #automaticwriting #trancechanneling

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