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We Left the Dark Ages 5 Minutes Ago

We may not have realized it yet as Humankind, but we have truly left the dark ages, just literally 5 minutes ago, (in galactic timing since 2012)... lol. We still have much clearing... of old paradigms and programs.

I mean, the veil has been lifted. Still though, many do not see that it has. Many still in fear about old paradigms running now. Madness still comes up. There is lots of clearing now and there will continue to be. Many cannot see the future that is unfolding for the positive benefit of mankind. Evolution is upon us - there is no stopping it. You cannot stop the truth, light and love from shining now. No. It is stronger than any force!!

We have shifted and will continue to shift in many surprising ways as a humanity. As a planet. Trust in what you came here to do, and to be, and JUST BE. TRUST. ACT. AND KNOW.

Today is a new day. Release the stories and realities that no longer serve you. Walk into those that do... There are many realities that serve you - if you so choose to look that way ~ Master Creator.

I see you, and I honor your path. No matter what that is. We all play a part, a piece of this puzzle. We are all One - interconnected, forever affecting one another in our choices we make.

May our choices be made in loving integrity. The new cool upon this planet.

#lol #darkages #rebirth #awakening #Ascension

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