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Amplification of Who you Really are Unfolds

Greetings beloved,

We know it s been a trying time for many, as much of humanity begins to awaken to truths of his own self, and of the world around him. These processes are part of the shift, a part of your becoming of who you were meant to be. Dear ones the layers of false beliefs, untruths, and of lies falls now. Disturbing and confusing to many at this time as some still struggle with this. Last time we spoke of how the energies were that of clearing and resetting, clearing and resetting yes. And now its time to readjust your frequency to the new energy that is here. To be the amplification of who you really are. This is happening at different levels and different ways to each individual, as the process is unique to every individual soul.

You see dear ones, you did not come here to suffer, you came here to release the suffering of mankind. To free the misconceptions of Self that has been placed before you. To help bring about the evolution of the Planet. The many cycles on Earth where it has been destroyed has caused for many, a deep rooted fear that this would happen again this time. But as it's been said by many, that yes you have changed your fate. There will not be another world ending catastrophe as many have foreseen.

Dear ones, where did you begin to forget yourself? It is the time of remembering now. The many essences that you carry, all within you now seek to be seen and acknowledged. So rich and divine. So very powerful. Your soul carries the multidimensional aspects of who you are, all life times, all at once. This is the dimensional shift we have been talking about. No longer will you be perceiving in the confines of a 3d reality alone, but rather you are beginning to shift, open, and become more sensitive and intuitive to other realities. Yes, becoming more of what and who you are meant to become, naturally. Now there are those who are more open and receptive to these multidimensional realities yes, but all will follow too in their natural evolution process in their own divine timing. It is the work of you dear light-workers, to maintain your integrity. Your light. Your clarity. Your love... and your compassion.

For indeed you are the very magic that is unfolding now in your awareness, in your endeavors and through your actions, to see to it that your natural essence comes through and touches all you meet and in all that you do.

One by one, the light of "one" – lights the light of many, and so on and so fourth, and you will see many profound changes upon the planet for all to benefit. Oh and there is scientific evidence of this connectedness yes. For this understanding can only be expanded upon in due “time”. And eventually the need for channeling like this will be obsolete, as all will come to be natural channels of Divine Source and Divine Truth. All will shine as we continue to all move with this beloved planet in its rightful place. Many of the dark ones will be transmuted and brought to the light because of your efforts. And yet, free will still allows them to choose to remain in darkness. For those who wish to remain there during this time and not transmute, the earth will not be able to harbor them as eventually the energies rises to a higher frequency. It is a naturally occurring quarantine of frequencies that will eventually no longer be able to reside together. This cannot be stopped.

Trust in this process you now walk.

We are in the final throws of the battle between dark and light – the light quotient is winning. Goodness shall prevail. A new dawn is upon mankind, as we have entered a new cycle of light that will continue to evolve and expand for a very long time. Expanding out into other galaxies and universes. We are here to work and to build a new era. An era of love and compassion. You are, Creators. Manifestors of your unique reality. Yes.

There are many shifts happening now within your various countries, and soon America will have to follow. Eventually, it will be a world without borders, walls, and wars. Peace is coming.

Profoundly living your destiny, the changes are already taking place. Many Great souls here now to propagate the new ways, and new intentions, to free mankind from limitation. Beloved ones, we congratulate you for all that you have done and for all that you are doing, and being. You are helping to create this new world. Hold steadfast in your belief in yourself, your fellow man, and what you came here to do powerful one.

You are courageous for choosing to be here at this time. Find support in your Soul Families and ask for assistance. You are never alone. Trust that you are being totally supported in all that you need during this process of awakening. Believe that it is all there for you, because it is. Truly.

We love you so very dearly.

Your Guardians

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