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Caring Too Much and The Law of Attraction

Is it possible to be too damn sweet for your own good? Or overly caring or concerned…?

Were there times when your kindness was taken for granted? Or when you lost yourself to caring too much for another? Was there ever times when your kindness seen as a weakness and you were made fun of for being you?

Yeah – I was that girl. The one who often gave hugs effortlessly to everyone (until I moved from Hawaii to L.A. and it messed with my “old” loving self), not everybody accepts loving hugs there LOL. I still am loving – but cautiously and carefully so after squandering my precious energy on things I cannot control (like humans). The free-willed man.

But what does it mean really when you may have too big of heart for your own good? Well, first off do you cry easily at heart-touching videos? Or perhaps you’re the go-to “need advice” person because you have a good heart and your friends know it? If you cringe when someone is being made fun of, or if you’re the type of person that just could never hurt a fly, or the type of person that has found yourself bending over backwards for others often, you may just be a “Super Lover/Care Bear”. Although that's a label. But you understand where I'm going with this...

You are one who loves fearlessly and easily, though sometimes NOT for your own good, and you’ve found yourself doing it way to much at times that you feel like you’ve lost your own inner life/outer life balance. (Divine Mothers?!)

There can be times when your over-reach/ over-care/ over-concern can begin to outweigh your own life. But I have learned over time to slow down enough to feel my inner being, and to honor that to the best of my ability – to know when my over concern is causing an imbalance to occur within my being.

Now I am not speaking to mom’s and pop’s everywhere, the caretakers, childcare workers and such to just stop what you’re doing – and to just be selfish. NO. Certain jobs require complete selflessness at times, YES!!! Just make sure to give back to yourself if you take on this position in life – THIS IS SO VERY IMPORTANT! Missing sight of your own incredible gifts and talents can happen when you are too overly concerned about others. Yes your care and love are needed. Yes your care and love go a long way. Just don’t let that get in YOUR own individual way. Allow YOU to flourish – in whatever ways that may be to you… and watch the world around you flourish too.

Sometimes you have to just know when it’s best to stop putting too much of yourself in particular situations such as: Situations with people you cannot control (family issues), wanting to help someone who does not want your help (that could be anyone!), or your life is already requiring your deep attention and love (but you want to instead worry about someone else WAYYYY too much) it backfires energetically.

Think of it this way, any thought that does not feel good, carries a low vibration. This vibration carries out to the person you may be thinking of, and also pollutes energy all around due to our proven connectivity. The key to happiness and health is to keep a high vibration! Logic would say it’s very important to keep a high vibration if you want to be happy, healthy, and live a long life.

“Gosh how selfish!” some would say about attending to the Self first… Well I could see why some would say that. But honestly, how much of your cup can you give if for example your cup is depleted? Is it not the whole point to ensure your cup runneth over so that you have lots to give? Something I am still learning and applying as a holistic practitioner.

In learning, practicing and applying the Law of Attraction, we can learn that even our worries/concerns that we have, let’s say for example, issues with any person we keep in any close relationship, these issues and concerns become magnified, amplified, or even manifest simply by giving energy to the concern. It’s all energy really, energy never lies. The FACT that energy ties us altogether – now proven through science – through our intentions and energies we put out.

Ok, so we know now this is a fact, though science is barely beginning to understand our energetic fields and how they interact with each other... but knowing this, it becomes easier to personally master the mind better and better, to master the thoughts. To live in integrity as much as we consciously can in relationship to other people within our lives…

I now know that my thoughts carry energetic vibrations everywhere, so why would I want to pollute the energies by adding fear, worry, over concern, or anything negatively judgmental to this field we all share in together? How does fear/worry help the person I am concerned with? How does it help me? How does it help the planet? Well, it may bring attention to something which is needed, but how is it helping? I consider myself a “spiritual person”, and for me to be conscious of these things is to come to a point where you cannot go backwards… I get it now more than ever. It’s been a time of practicing what I have been learning… If I want world peace – I NEED TO BE WORLD PEACE in all that I vibrate.

I have learned as we progress in these great times of change, that only my good juju/energy/and vibes, (whatever you want to call it haa haa!), is the only way to go in manifesting any desired outcome (and of course experiencing and understanding the HELL of contrast so you will know what actually FEELS GOOD). That goes with people too. If you TRULY want the best for a person, you can’t worry about them too much, or dwell on their negatives. I mean, you can, but how is it helping? You can’t energetically always think the worse of them, then expect things to suddenly get better on its own. See, because of our energy links to one another – believe it or not – our energetic projections need to be used with care. We have soo much power. We have the ability to shift energy with our intent! So how’s about instead of overly worrying about a particular person, fearing for them or whatever - take that fear and turn it into positive thoughts, positive solutions, and loving intent instead? I promise it will only add to the positive juju for them, for you, and the entire planet. This is energy. Now this is logic! We want world peace? Are we giving it our all in our Beingness/thoughts/energy? Something to be conscious of… yes I am working on it too! It’s an everyday meditation for me now. Laugh at and let go of all the energy and time “wasted” in the past. For now is the moment to cease!

Let us seek to be cared for and caring – and yet to remain aware of our energies and how they may affect those we are closely concerned about.

May our love runnith over to truly assist those in need – and yet may our cups be regenerated in the process consciously and lovingly…

May our desire for world peace, greater understanding, and love begin at home - and with those closest to us – so that we begin to master ourselves within our most intimate environments – and see the best in others no matter what. Knowing that our happiness is NOT dependent upon another, but is self-created – and is thus shared with others.

May this realization from the Law of Attraction assist us in truly being kind to our fellow man – and to remain non-judgmental – being conscious that everything we put out, we get back in return.

When we can see the best in others, no matter what the circumstance, we are seeing the best in ourselves – and together we are helping to lift ourselves up as individuals as well as collectively. We can do it. I believe in us!

#toonice #caringtoomuch

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