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Changes in Your Reality

Dear One,
It’s been a while since we’ve last connected like this. Yet time does not exist for us. Thank you for choosing to connect. Spirit has always been here. You have despaired. Can’t you see that it’s all perfect? Yes… your preconceived ideas that things are “wrong”, is a misperceived perception. Outdated and dysfunctional human beliefs still take a strong hold on minds now… and the dropping away of them inevitable in “due time”.

We know it’s been quite the ride of contrasting experiences for many of you on the planet at this time. Vivifying and clarifying more of what you are. Catalyzing a speeding up of experiences evolving you. Becoming more and more of who you are, which is truly more than what the eyes can perceive...

There are so many connections to be made dear one. Trust as you continue to observe and forge a path that is more of your creation, more of who you really are. More people coming together, synchronicities working in your favor, and a recognition of resonate souls that cross your path. Keep intending, and keep trusting the connections that are being made at this present time… all perfect.

The Holiday season... We wish to speak to those now who feel a separation in this reality – where the holidays trigger deeper feelings of disparity and loneliness. Difficulties in family ties in recent years. For you are not, and never was alone. You are surrounded by many seen and unseen forces that support you, and if it seems lonely, it is only a matter of time before those that you can recognize and trust on a deeper level show up. You too find yourself showing up more, being guided by your intuition and nudging’s... Trust that the right connections will be made, and that there will be those that see and support you. Allow the heart to open and receive love. Do not be afraid to share love. Trust, trust, trust that everything is happening for a grander expansion of awakening. Because it truly is…

Your blood family is infinitely intertwined into your reality. A everlasting web of connection, often times switching roles in various time lines. This is all perfect, as the lessons and learnings are something you/them have chosen to expand on. What you came to do. There are more heart connections to be made in the people’s lives you touch dear one. Even within some of your families. For remember, even throughout the seeming difficulty that seems to separate “them” from “you”, you are all on the same spiral of evolution together – never ever separately. The fractal of life is One. The seeming difficulties are all an illusion to give the feeling of a false sense of separation. When really there is no separation ever. All beings, all life, all creation is profoundly and infinitely intertwined.

We are here to assist in the awakening of love and compassion for one another. What is needed to speed up the awakening processes on Earth… We serve as your guides and guardians. You can call us angels, but we do not necessarily have wings. We are interdimensional. We carry much light. Many of us guising under one name, such as a popular angel in history. We operate in groups. We always come when called, for this is our duty. We are all here to assist you. To assist you in understanding that you are love, and that Source, is a loving source… YOU are the core essence of creation itself. Do not forget your divinity and the power that you possess to shift this planet, this is what you came here to do, by being you. The integral parts you all play are all so very needed, your existence important, and obviously why you are here NOW. Do not despair. Rejoice in this truth!!! We hold your hand in loving support!!

Its time to continue the work… to do what you came here to do. Lingering fears continue for some of you. Are you ready once and for all to release the pains from the past that are holding you back from shining your light so bright? Old human programming serves no one. Illuminating the dark with your light, we encourage you to remember your divine given power for transformation and transmutation!!

2016 marked a time of continued evolutionary shifts for the planet. Many have awakened to the realities of spirit, realities of the non-physical playing out in the physical for man to see and integrate as real indeed. And more will continue to awaken in their own unique way. Unlimited potential is the stamp of the human in your endeavors to expand. Taking with it, the spirit of oneness, compassion, universal brotherhood, and love for All. Becoming more and more responsible as the awakening continues, creating a global coherence of awareness, forging a brand new path on this planet that has never quite been achieved before. There has been times of great advancement on Earth, and yet this time is uniquely different. You chose to be here now, and the choices you make Creator, you know and understand fully effects the All. Consciously choosing to raise your frequency through whatever means will positively affect the All. What you do – think - feel - and say are all so very powerful dear ones. Each and every projection. All of it. What are you telling yourself? What are you telling the world around you? You are so very powerful! If only you could perceive what we see… You are such powerful creators. When you come to realize this, unleashing your wisdom and light for all to benefit becomes second nature. This is the “Christed” being that many have spoke of during this time, the return of Christ, that you are now catalyzing to be reality, NOW. Christ representing a pureness in spirit. A great brotherhood. This was foretold by Christ himself, for indeed, you have come to do greater and grander things.

Remember the things to be grateful for, as they are aplenty when you choose to see... The things that brings you joy are imperative – we encourage you to do the things that bring you joy on the daily basis – make it a daily habit… Play, have fun, and feel free!! Remind yourself morning, noon, and night that this is your divine birthright!! This is your time to shine, this is your time to create. This is your time to release those stale energies in exchange for new ones in 2017!! Your light is greatly needed. Establishing clarity wherever you go because you are tuned into spirit. You, being a catalyst for authentic connection wherever you go. You, being an observer of time and space, navigating consciously and compassionately.

We ask that you slow down enough to feel the love that creation has for you. When you consciously choose to connect to Spirit, God, Higher-Self, Mother Nature, Guides and Angels, in whatever ways you wish to connect for its All perfect, you will feel the love that is always there for you. For the feeling of love overcomes one when allowed freely. There is no wrong way to connect. There are many beautiful paths to connect for your choosing, including your fellow man. For yes, he too is a reflection of Source. Even if seemingly challenging from the surface.

What you believe, what you intend, and what you expect all play major roles in how the world will respond to you dear one. What do you believe? What do you intend? What are your expectations? For YOU or the WORLD around you? Do you expect to fail or succeed? We did not say this would be easy, for many of you lightworkers understand that establishing light in a place of residual darkness indeed takes work...

We remind you that you are love intrinsically at the core. That many parts of you exist outside of yourself… in the connectedness of All-That-Is… That everything is intertwined. The part that you play directly affects the All.

We see you. Do you see yourself? You are shiny… and there’s no way but up from here.

We love you dearly,

Your Guardians

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