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I AM The Guiding Light of Truth and discernment Within. I AM the ever-present Infinite and Eternal Observer.

Though I have witnessed and though I have suffered, it is not who I AM. For who I AM remains.

Through eons of time and space - I AM.

Throughout misguiding's and misjudgment's of man made human conditions, including those of my own false sense of Self - I AM.

The lies no longer holding truth, as many awaken to the evil bullies within this false-life-abusing matrix.

Blasting now light to illuminate the dark - no more ignorance. Wisdom and knowledge is a choice.

Remember who you are.

The Matrix almost killed me. Don't let it kill you. See the light. See the light within yourself.

The light has already won.

#OldSoul #ShadowSelf #reincarnation #Ascension #awakening

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